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Our team has nearly 20 years experience in consulting with institutions of providing human servicies. Gabor Kato had organized the core of his consulting team at the beginning of the ’90s. In 2003 he had separated with his team from a former group and established his own consulting company and the brand of Kat&Partner. His conservative advisory belief such as „The name says it all”, furthermore the quality of work and the correctly served clients, provides a strong and stable market presence. Today, the name of Kato&Partner means effective and quality work. The next turning point was in 2010 when the company widened its market and began providing consulting services also in Romania for potencial partners.

We believe that every single detail counts. This principal helps us to identify the details and context of our partners’ problem thus we can give proper and efficient solutions. Besides we give advice, we also take part in the application process. Our most important value is the experienced and stable team that guarantees the best professional solutions. Using our extensive expert network we are very flexible and able to provide solution for various needs.

We offer our advanced technical and management consultancy activities to industries, primarily in health, cultural, educational, governmental, municipal areas, as well as banking, service organizations, institutions and companies; fully independently of their ownership structure.

Gabor Kato
Owner and executive director

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